Vision 1 Hair

Located in Portsmouth serving all surrounding areas

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Deposit Requirement

Deposit breakdown

Services costing $42 and under are $17 deposit Services costing $52-$69 are $22 deposit Services costing $70-$165 are $32 deposit When a stylist is requested to travel 2.5hours or more the travel fee becomes the cost amount! Of Your deposit Disclaimer Clients that lives 1.5 hrs or more outside of Newport News Va We do not travel for hair services costing under $100.00 Clients that live 2.5hrs outside of Newport News VA We do not travel for service costing under $155.00Clients that live 3hrs or more outside of Newport News VA are required to book the appt for 3 or more clients.

Hello all! I hope that you are having a Wonderful day! I appreciate all of your support over the years!
I need your help!
I ask that you guys, Please be ready to make your deposit when you call or text to set your hair appointment! I asked that all clients show Consideration all other clients. The Deposit system has worked a great deal over the years for Vision1hair Your 24/7mobile hair business!

All hair appointment is secured with a Deposit of $32 via Paypal deposit


  1. Limiting the opportunity for clients not to take this business Seriously. (no call no show)
  2. This helps your mobile stylist keep a record of weekly hair appoinments, plus regular updates on locations that are traveled for safety Purposes. ( Safety and Security)
  3. Making the appt with a deposit help me help you! This Process keeps your stylist organized which helps the clients. (no Accidental overbooking)
  4. I get several calls and text from clients, Throughout the day needed to set hair appointments

My goal is to respond to that client within a timely manner. With your help, we can achieve this. When I'm asked to wait for hrs and sometimes days for client's to make a confirmed decision(deposit) for an appt. This holds up other clients that are needing hair appointments. This sort of thing Equals time and money lost. if the client does not secure the appoinment within a 1-2hrs rang. I will assume that he/she are no longer interested.